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The digital transformation happening around us has enhanced the number of touchpoints between a business and their customers. In the past, businesses could use a traditional CRM system to ensure that a customer’s journey with them runs smoothly, however the growth in channels of communication has forced businesses to change their approach.

This triggered an evolution from Customer Relationship Management to Customer Experience (CX) Management. Customer Experience is a process of turning interested consumers to brand advocates through the use of Sales, Marketing and Seamless Service Automation.


Sales Cloud
Perfect for SME’s, Oracle’s leading CX solution offers a suite of components designed to work as a complete sales platform. Whether you are the sales rep, director or co-ordinator, Oracle Sales Cloud provides you with the valuable information needed to conduct the sales process effectively.

  • Sales Cloud key features:

    • Mobile and productive – offline mobile capabilities allows salespeople to conduct their business anywhere.
    • Insight driven – Data, buying patterns and forecast building keep salespeople’s knowledge base fresh.
    • Collaborative – Team selling capabilities and integrations with numerous other systems help mend the cracks between the different areas of your business.
    • 360 degree view – Panoramic view of your entire customer database (Both present and potential clients) for more cross and upsell opportunities.


Service Cloud
With a panoramic view of your entire client base, you’ll see ALL customer interactions, including open & closed service requests, sales, assets and company wide customer interaction history. So now you can look forward to vastly improved customer service levels.

    • Rapid deployment – BPI’s rapid implementation process means you can have your new customer service system up and running within DAYS.
    • Shared Knowledge base – A company-wide, shared knowledge-base allows you to significantly improve and maintain customer service levels, in real-time.
    • Instant action – Built in delegation of actions service requests or queries allows real time issues to be rectified straight away.
    • Reporting & insights – The reporting feature allows the relevant people to gauge recurrent issues being raised, allowing your business to act upon it faster



With its incredible capabilities and rapid implementation, it’s no shock as to why Eloqua is the current market leader for B2B marketing automation.

The term “Marketing Automation” doesn’t do justice to the capability of such systems, as they can help you get amazing results from more than just the traditional marketing activities. Yes, they’re great for identifying, nurturing and channeling leads from new and existing customers, but you should look to how a marketing automation system can help support the external and internal communications across all areas of your business.

Here are just some of the features of Oracle’s marketing cloud:

  • Automated campaigns- Pre build your email campaigns on a user friendly canvas, mapping out what measures will be automatically taken dependant on how the recipients engage with your emails.
  • Lead scoring & assignment – The marketing cloud allows YOU to dictate what a lead is by allowing users to create a score threshold. When the threshold is hit, the contacts will go into your CRM system, allowing salespeople to rapidly engage with these hot leads.

    • Campaign reporting – Campaign reporting shows you all aspects of your campaign, from individual recipient responses to overall campaign ROI – leads, opportunities and won business.
    • Personalised messaging – Your marketing messages can be personalised to fit your targets profile. As well as basics such as name and job title, you can tailor based on products purchased, industry and where they are in the buying cycle.


Oracle Responsys

Oracle Responsys

Acquired by Oracle in 2013, Responsys is an industry leading Marketing Automation platform in the B2C space. The solution provides Marketers with the tools to create targeted cross channel campaigns that engage customers and enhance their experiences with your brand.

  • Enhancing Customer Experiences with Responsys:

    • Cross Channel Campaign Orchestration – Compose Email and  SMS programs in one intuitive canvas, eliminating siloes within your Marketing department. These programs are responsive to real time customer actions
    • Best in class Segmentation – Responsys is the only vendor positioned in the B2C Market that can segment contacts based on behavioural data. This granular level of data segmentation provides Marketers with the most clarity
    • Scalability – Like every solution in the Oracle Customer Experience suite, Responsys is designed with the flexibility to adapt as your database grows, making the system suitable for every business, whatever the size.


Commerce Cloud

Oracle Commerce Cloud

This innovative offering by Oracle has transformed the way organisations can create memorable and seamless Commerce experiences for clients. Business users now have more control than ever with the flexibility to control every pixel through drag and drop capabilities.

  • The Commerce Cloud’s capabilities include:

    • Freedom to differentiate- Easily control every aspect of your site with intuitive drag and drop features, handing your team more time to put their focus elsewhere
    • Catalogue Management – Easily manage stock levels with Oracle’s Inventory levels tool. Out of the box tools allow you to seamlessly manage pricing and discounts
    • Optimum Security – The Oracle Public Cloud, a server trusted for its 99.99% up-time guarantees, handles over 22 Billion transactions per day.


CPQ Cloud

Oracle CPQ Cloud

The Oracle CPQ Cloud is an automated proposal generator that helps organisations accurately guide customers through their sales process at a rapid rate. This flexible quoting software provides your sales team with fast and accurate proposals, allowing them to focus their attention elsewhere.

  • The CPQ Cloud’s capabilities include:

    • Price quoting – Accurate pricing that takes into consideration any discount rules that you have put in place
    • Contract proposals – Extensive and professionally laid out proposals outlaying the price scheme and the necessary legal framework, including e-signature capabilities
    • Guided selling – Tailor proposals to encourage customers towards cross and upsell opportunities.


Social Cloud

Oracle Social Cloud

The Oracle Social cloud is a service designed to help organisations manage relationships and interactions with customers. Through Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) you can Listen, engage, publish and analyse your social properties in one unified platform, unique to any other vendor in the Market. This gives you a complete overview of how well you as an organisation are managing your social media accounts.

  • Social Listening
    Alternatively, BPI can supply a managed service for this platform. For a minimal fee, you simply send us the key terms you would like us to listen to, and we’ll provide you with Monthly analytics.

For more information regarding this service, simply fill out this form and we will get in touch with you.