Frequently Asked Questions

A. The main business challenges which can impact delivery are:

  • Data (volume and quality)
  • Stakeholder Ownership & Involvement
  • Resource Availability from clients
  • Change Management (both from a Project control and also from a Business/End User adoption level)
Our project delivery team will engage with these challenges as early as possible, ensuring your implementation runs in a seamless manner.

A. Yes

BPI OnDemand have a number of certified specialists in a vast array of vendors, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, which has allowed us to successfully carry out Migration projects for clients as well as provide training and implementation work for Salesforce Customers.

A. There are a number of variables that can factor in the length of your CX implementation

These Variables include:

  • The number of business processes
  • functional requirements such as process automation and reporting
  • Integration requirements
  • Quality and volume of data.
Our Managed Service model allows for a very lean delivery process that can take as little as 12 weeks and can be devised without incurring additional costs.

A. BPI OnDemand will stay with you for the entirety of your contract

This will ensure that your system continues to adapt as your business grows for a unique per user per month fee. The service also includes features that would require a substantial fee to outsource, such as a consultancy work, user training and system configuration. On top of this, the cost to hire an internal CRM administrator is significantly higher than our Managed service fee.

A. No

Like other CX applications, Eloqua is billed on a monthly subscription basis. However, clients are charged by the number of contacts they have in their database as oppose to how many people will be using the system. In order to purchase Eloqua, you must have at least 10,000 contacts in your database.