• The era of ‘Day rate’ consultancy is over. Traditionally firms would charge a substantial fee in providing expert knowledge to businesses in spearheading them to make the right decisions to improve performance. These firms will have a library of solutions, primarily focused on fixing organisations current processes in order to keep the wheels spinning.

  • BPI OnDemand understand that these practices provide uncertain outcomes. Through our zero up-front cost implementation services, we have confidence in our ability to transform your organisations Customer Experience strategy. Our Managed Service model has demonstrated that we enhance performance for minimal risk and low cost.

With over 250 Customer Experience consultants across the globe covering APAC, North America and EMEA, BPI have vast experience in managing business change.

Want to know what makes our successful? Navigate through to see the recipe that has positioned BPI as the leading partner across the UK in ensuring continuous improvment for our Customers in the Oracle Cloud.
First things first. CRM is not a system. It is a strategic business process to better manage the experiences a customer has with your organisation.

The key to any successful CRM project is the evaluation of your current customer journey, discovering what areas you would like to improve and the pain points within your business. Only once this has been achieved can we begin to discuss how your current processes can be streamlined and enhanced. It is vitally important to involve a wide range of stakeholders in this process and not just the project leaders. This gives you the opportunity to gauge the organisations requirements as a whole.
Once our CX consultants have gained an understanding of your business process, we can then begin mapping your future CRM strategy. Using our experience in process streamlining and automation, our experts can begin introducing elements that can potentially cut out a great deal of manual work for your organisation.

Once again, there is no mention of technology. This is simply a 'blue sky' methodology where we define the areas that can be improved in your customer journey.
Now that your organisation has clarity on the new business process going forward, we can then begin implementing the right technology for your requirements. whether that is Sales, Marketing and Service automation or potentially all three.

What is important to note is that this implementation comes with no up-front charge. We instead opt to manage your digital journey once the project is live for a per user per month fee. This level of flexibility allows your business to phaze the implementation. A huge transformational change to your business from day one can potentially upset the harmony of your staff, who are used to a certain way of working.
The key to BPI and our Customers success is our managed service mechanism. By staying with you once the project is complete, we effectively take up the role as your CRM department, making changes and guiding best practice throughout your business as they embark on a new process in the Oracle Cloud.

Being part of BPI OnDemand's award winning managed service grants you exposure to on-going support & administration, as well as the assignment of your very own Customer Success Manager.

Integration’s and Partners

CRM is more than just a tool. It is a Stratetic business process that needs to be managed and adopted across your organisation. But high adoption rates can only be achieved through providing a system that benefits users performance rather than hinder it. This comes through Bespoke integration that can reduce manual processes for your team.

BPI OnDemand and Oracle understand this, which is why our project delivery team work tirelessly to ensure that all the tools that play a pivotal role in your sales process are in sync. Without the flexibility of Oracle’s systems, this simply would not be possible.

CX integration in the Cloud