• The era of ‘Day rate’ consultancy is over. Traditionally firms would charge a substantial fee in providing expert knowledge to businesses in spearheading them to make the right decisions to improve performance.

  • These firms will have a library of solutions, primarily focused on fixing organisations current processes in order to keep the wheels spinning. BPI OnDemand understand that these practices provide uncertain outcomes.

  • As a result, organisations pay mammoth prices with a certain level of risk. With our on-going CX Managed Service model, we have demonstrated that we enhance performance for minimal risk and low cost.

Award Winning CX Managed Service with BPI – Overview

CX Implementation process

Award Winning Managed Service

  • As part of our Ethos, we make it our business to become experts at your business. This understanding comes from our vast array of experience across all industries in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.

  • Not only do we provide and manage your software through rapid implementation in the cloud, we gather information and data providing a hypothesis on areas that are currently hindering your –

  • Customer Experience Management strategy, finding the correct solution for your business needs. Yet this would not be achievable without the flexibility of Oracle’s extensive CX catalogue.

Integration’s and Partners

CRM is more than just a tool. It is a Stratetic strategy that needs to be managed and adopted across your Business. But high adoption rates can only be achieved through providing a system that benefits users performance rather than hinder it. This comes through Bespoke integration that can reduce manual processes for your team. A lack of integration between your Sales and Marketing platforms could prove to be a very costly error. Leads could be left behind and your customer churn rate could potentially rocket.

BPI OnDemand and Oracle understand this, which is why our project delivery team work tirelessly to ensure that all the tools that play a pivotal role in your sales process are in sync. Without the flexibility of Oracle’s systems, this simply would not be possible.

CX integration in the Cloud