Where Eloqua Beats Pardot: A BPI Review

For many Small to Medium Organisations, Marketing Automation is now becoming a must. The growing number of touchpoints between a Customer and a Business has increased the level of investment in tools that can automate processes. Yet automating Marketing activities that are not relevant or personalised to your audience could prove to have a detrimental effect on your lead management strategy.

  • Of course, the core of a Digital Marketers success in automation is largely down to the strategy that they have in place and not the tool. Yet the basic functionality of the platform that you are looking to invest in can be a great springboard to the development of your content Marketing strategy.

    When it comes to Marketing Automation Systems, Eloqua and Pardot are two that are commonly compared, predominantly due to the Tech giants that own the two vendors in Oracle and Salesforce. Take a look at this brief guide showing the areas where Eloqua beats Pardot.

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